PHASTAR's Jen Rogers will take part in the BBC's Statistics and Big Data conversation as part of the RSS's Belfast conference

PHASTAR's Head of Statistical Research to appear in BBC's Statistics and Big Data

As part of the build-up to the Royal Statistical Society’s 2019 Conference in Belfast, PHASTAR's Head of Statistical Research, Jennifer Rogers, will be taking part in an interactive conversation hosted by the BBC Statistics and Big Data. Jennifer will be joined by Presenter & Writer Timandra Harkness and Journalist Michael Blastland. The conversation will be hosted by BBC Northern Ireland's William Crawley.

The event will take place on Wednesday 4th September at 17:30 at BBC Northern Ireland Broadcasting House.

If you are interested in attending click here. The deadline for ticket applications is 22:00 (GMT+1) on 29th August.

More information can be found here.